Other Type Coupler

Formwork Spring Clamp

Formwork Clamp(Also well known Rapid Clamp,Formwork Spring Clamp,Formwork Clip) Material of the plate:Q235 or 45# Steel Material of the teeth:65Mn Rigidity of the teeth:HRC52-56 (1)Easy installation,improve work efficiency. (2)Galvanized surface treatment to prevent rust. (3)Customization avaliable,various model for you choose. (4)Skidprood,Autirust,High Breaking Strength,Durable,easy to assemble & dismantle

Italian Type Forged Sleeve Coupler-RSCP956

Italian Type Forged Sleeve Coupler-RSCP956 -OD:48.3mm -Weight:1.10KG

Sleeve Coupler-RSCP953

Sleeve Coupler-RSCP953 OD:48.3mm Weight:1.09KG

Sleeve Coupler-RSCP954

Sleeve Coupler-RSCP954 OD:42mm Weight:1.10KG

Sleeve Coupler-RSCP952

Sleeve Coupler-RSCP952 OD:48.3mm Weight:1.10KG

Sleeve Coupler-RSCP951

Sleeve Coupler-RSCP951 OD:48.3mm Weight:1.30KG

Pressed Putlog Coupler-RSCP917

Pressed Putlog Coupler-RSCP917 OD:48.3mm Weight:0.53KG

Forged Putlog Coupler-RSCP916

Forged Putlog Coupler-RSCP916 OD:48.3mm Weight:0.62KG

Pressed Putlog Coupler-RSCP914

Pressed Putlog Coupler-RSCP914 OD:48.3mm Weight:0.73KG

Forged Putlog Coupler-RSCP915

Forged Putlog Coupler-RSCP915 OD:48.3mm Weight:0.73KG

Ladder Coupler-RSCP810

Ladder Clamp-RSCP810 OD:48.3mm Weight:0.45KG

Internal Joint Pin-RSCP403

Internal Joint Pin-RSCP403 OD:48.3mm Weight:1.10KG

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